Canoe Kayak South Carolina -- First Edition
Canoe Kayak South Carolina

Google Earth Placemarks

Canoe Kayak South Carolina segments streams into sections. The start (put-in) and end (take-out) points of each section are shown on the book’s maps. These points are available online, displayed as Placemarks on Google Earth aerial maps.

Google Maps can also be used instead of Google Earth, but it does not offer all the capabilities in Google Earth. For more information, see the bottom of this page.

Purpose of Guidebook Placemarks

Driving Directions – get directions and times between any location and put-ins or take-outs.

Map Zoom – change from a view of the whole state to a close-up view of a put-in or take-out.

Waypoint Navigation – show latitude and longitude coordinates of any put-in or take-out to use in a GPS for navigating while paddling or driving.

Stream Coverage – show segments of streams the guidebook covers.

Road Coverage – the guidebook shows selected roads because of space limitations. The zoomable Google Earth maps allow showing all roads.

Distance Measurement – use the Ruler tool to measure distances of side trips.

Install Google Earth

Google Earth is required to use the Placemarks. It is a free program and can be downloaded:

Load the Placemark file

The Placemarks are in a file stored on the guidebook’s Web site. Many computers with Google Earth are set to start Google Earth when you click on a Placemark file. Click on the following link to see the Placemarks:

If the above does not work, here are two alternative ways of loading the Placemark file. Use whichever one works best:

1. Start Google Earth
Click File then Open
Paste or type the following link into the File name box:
Click Open

2. Start Google Earth
Click Add then Network Link.
Paste or type the following into the Name box:
Paddling Canoe Kayak SC Placemarks
Paste or type the following into the Link box:
Click OK

Viewing Placemarks

Google Earth usually shows a Sidebar frame down the left side of its window. It contains Search, Places, and Layers windows. A list of Placemarks is in the Places window. If the Sidebar is not visible, click View then Sidebar.

Using Guidebook Placemarks

Under Places, guidebook Placemarks are organized as a set of folders, one for each river basin. Click on the + sign to the left of a basin to show all streams within the basin.

Click in the checkbox next to a stream to show all of the Placemarks for the stream.

Click in a checkbox to alternate between showing and hiding Placemarks.

Double Clicking on a Placemark causes the map’s aerial view to move to the Placemark and zoom in. For the Placemark to be shown, the checkbox next to it must be checked.

The numbers listed following stream names are the same numbers used in the guidebook. For example, Edisto River [2] is the put-in for Section 2 of the Edisto River. Edisto River [3] is the take-out for Section 2 and put-in for
Section 3.

Latitude and Longitude of the cursor and date of the aerial photography is on most photos at the bottom of the image. The date is only displayed at certain zoom levels.

To see roads on the aerial maps, the Roads checkbox in the Layers window must be checked.

Quick Navigation to a Stream Access Point

It is often useful to go quickly to a specific stream put-in or take-out. As an example, to see a close-up view of the put-in for Section 2 of the Edisto River:

In the Places window, click on the + sign next to ACE Basin to expand it.
Click the + sign next to Edisto River to expand it.
Click in the checkbox next to Edisto River [2]
Double click on Edisto River [2]

The aerial map view will zoom to the Section 2 put-in.

Using Google Maps instead of Google Earth

If you do not want to install Google Earth, Google Maps can be used to view the placemarks. Go to:

Into the address box left of Search Maps, copy and paste the following link:.
Click on Search Maps

The placemarks will be displayed in Google Maps. To see the aerial views, click on

Loading the Placemarks into a GPS

If you want to use the placemarks as GPS waypoints, right-click the following link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the file to your computer:

Send this file to your GPS device using the program you normally use, or get the free program "EasyGPS" and use it to send the data.

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Icon License: The kayaking icon used for Placemarks is from project “Map Icons Collection” created by Nicolas Mollet under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-SA 3.0).



Canoe Kayak South Carolina